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Four Days In May

Since 2015 we organise each year at May 14 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands a poetry commemoration along the Brandgrens (Fire Boundary) of Rotterdam to remember the casualties of the Nazi-Germany bombardement of Rotterdam at May 14, 1940. In 2024 we organise it for the first time also abroad and we renamed it into Four Days In May. The first day will be in Rome at May 11, the second day will be in Paris at May 12 and the third and fourth day will be in Rotterdam at May 13 and 14.

4th Of July Festival (July 4)

In 2024, I will organise for the first time the 4th Of July – Poetry and Music Festival. I want to organise it in the front- and backyard of Edgar Allan Poe’s old house in Philadelphia. Theme this year is: Darkness there and nothing more, with eviction in mind.

Sport & Literature Festival (July 27-28)

In 2024, I will organise for the first time a Sport & Literature Festival and each year I want to make this festival a little bit bigger. In 2028 during the Los Angeles – Summer Games 2028 I want to have a daily sport and literature show.  

LA Poetry Beach Festival (September 25-29)

Since 2021 I organise each year this five days LA Poetry Beach Festival. It starts each year in New York with the Poetry Train and this (Amtrak) Poetry Train stops in 62 big cities and small towns between NY and LA to bring as many poets as possible to Los Angeles. Theme this year is The Raven.