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May 11-14

Four Days In May Commemoration 14mei.nl

July 4

4th Of July – Poetry and Musi Festival 4thofjulyfestival.com

July 27

Sport and Literature Festival SportLitFest.com

September 25-29

LA Poetry Beach Festival lapoetrybeach.com

14 Mei

Since 2015 we organise each year at May 14 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands a poetry commemoration along the Brandgrens (Fire Boundary) of Rotterdam to remember the casualties of the Nazi-Germany bombardement of Rotterdam at May 14, 1940. In 2024 we organise it for the first time also abroad and we renamed it into Four Days In May. The first day will be in Rome at May 11, the second day will be in Paris at May 12 and the third and fourth day will be in Rotterdam at May 13 and 14.

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Raymond Hawkey cover

Today I found this great Raymond Hawkey Thunderball front cover design. At https://www.collecting-fleming.com/photos/more-info/thunderball-pan-x you can find mor info about Raymond Hawkey.  Give me a call at +316 3 826 5666[…]

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11 August 2023 0

Take it to the limit

When Jaimie Monahan, Courtney Moates Paulk, Michele Walters, Gilles Chalandon, Steve Gruenwald and Mo Siegel set off for a double circumnavigation of Manhattan Island and completed their 91.6 km (57-mile) non-stop swim between July 28th and 29th at[…]

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11 August 2023 0

The Perfect Blend: Where Coffee, Books, and Art Come Together

Welcome to The Perfect Blend, your go-to spot on Long Island for a unique experience that combines the love of coffee, books, and art. Here, we believe that the perfect[…]

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11 August 2023 0